The current and previous chapters of Poisson Pen are available for free download and/or online perusal.

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Poisson Pen is a Lovecraftian adventure that I wrote pretty much "to order" for an online gaming company.  There were plans for the company to release the novel as a PR effort to attract attention to the game, but those plans were abandoned and the company threw the rights to the story back into my lap.  Since it had originally been released under a Creative Commons license, I couldn't shop it around to regular publishers, so it sat on my hard drive for about ten years.  Now I have the opportunity to release it via the Web.

The original text incorporated elements — places and characters — from the game, but in this revised version, I've replaced those elements with more standard material from the Cthulhu Mythos.

The chapters are short, about eight pages in typescript, so the book (as was desired) is somewhat in the vein of a "penny dreadful" episodic story as might have been published in one of the pulp magazines of the 1930s.

I've revised it, and given it a lick and a promise, but aside from the above mentioned replacement of gaming elements with standard Mythos material, it appears here much as it did originally.

I'll be releasing new chapters about once a week.  I hope you enjoy Poisson Pen, and I hope you like its spunky heroine, Carly Willis.

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G. A. Kathryns...

Back to Lovecraft Country...

     In a way, it's probably fitting that I'm posting Poisson Pen on this site, since I'm back to working for Skotos, an online gaming company. I've been made StoryHost (translation: the buck stops here) for the game Lovecraft Country, which is a text based, role playing game that allows one to become a student at Miskatonic University in the fictional town of Arkham, Massachusetts, the center for the horrific happenings in many of H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos stories.

     Lovecraft Country has, of late, fallen on some hard times, and there is a decided dearth of players.  It's up to me to reanimate it with weird plots and happenings for which the players (and, of course, the characters they play) are completely unprepared.

     It was for Lovecraft Country that I originally wrote Poisson Pen.  The chapters were serialized on the game's forum.  Originally, the plan was to release the collected chapters in book form as a PR gambit, but unfortunately, that deal fell through. So I was left with Poisson Pen, released under a Creative Commons "copy left" license, and therefore unsaleable to any commercial publisher.  I'm glad to have this opportunity to get it out into the world again.

     If you want to try Lovecraft Country, go on over to Skotos. and follow the links to the game and the forum. The forum has a lot of information about playing the game, along with a map of the town.  Admittedly, the game is not to everybody's taste: it's not a graphic intensive experience, and its interactions are social and cooperative rather than anything combative.  But you might like wandering around a virtual Arkham, and though our playerbase is still quite limited (increasing its numbers is up to me), you might find some interesting people to talk to.

     And remember: I'll be lurking unseen from my staffly perch, waiting to spring some horrible adventure on you at any moment.